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Know What Matters

Employees waste 20% of their day looking for information to do their job and use only 30% of what is available.  Kaybus changes how employees work.  By automatically matching the right content to the right employees, Kaybus provides content recommendations to each employee. Kaybus transforms your corporate content into your competitive advantage.

Stop Searching and Start Knowing.

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Opportunity-specific sales & marketing collateral is automatically pushed to sales reps without their asking 'Is this the most recent' or 'Can you send me the latest'.  Have visibility and confidence that the right content is used at each sales stage and drop the sales cycle by 30%.

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Every call center and field support employee answer customer issues the first time using the best solution for each customer interaction. Ensure SLAs are met, reduce “after-call work" by up to 25% and stay on top of critical TAC issues

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Collaborate swiftly and from one interface, eliminating content and organizational silos.  Never risk employees being out of the loop, from account management documents to marketing collateral, LMS updates or product specs, keep your colleagues in the loop automatically without email. 

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 The Problem is Real

"The average interaction worker spends nearly 20% of their day looking for internal information or tracking down colleagues who can help with specific tasks."

- McKinsey Global Institute (2012)




Sales teams sell with 6 month old information
Kaybus Information
Sales teams sell today's product with today’s pricing
Service teams take 3X longer than needed to resolve issues
Kaybus Service
Service teams answer customer issues 40% faster - on the first call
Teams reinvent the wheel for every proposal and project
Kaybus Business Task
Employees re-use proven existing content so business tasks are completed in a fraction of the time


  • Sales team sell with 6 month old information
  • Service teams take 3X longer than needed to resolve issues
  • Teams Reinvent the Wheel for every Proposal and Project

THE k-solutions.fw SOLUTION

  • Sales teams sell today’s product with today’s pricing
  • Service teams answer customer issues 40% faster - on the first call
  • Employees reuse proven existing content so business tasks can be completed in fraction of the time

 With Kaybus, every employee receives personalized and up to date content automatically delivered to their laptop, mobile or tablet.


How The Kaybus Solution Works

Enterprise Content Management


Centralized content from every location

Kaybus connects to both existing content sources as well as content generators and, using a patented transformation process, generates usable and effective knowledge that contains both the original information as well as its associated metadata - categories, key themes, topics, names of people and places, dates, company terms, etc.

Kaybus enables content locked in traditional content silos to become discoverable to the entire organization. By leveraging existing content sources, Kaybus creates a single source of truth so employees view content from across the company in a single site, not more searching multiple sites.

Content Management


Relevant content Automatically Promoted

Content profiles created during the morph phase are matched with detailed user profiles (job, peer group, location, tasks, etc.) allowing for automatic recommendations of the most relevant and up-to-date content for each user. 

The content recommendations reflect each employee's content usage and are provided across multiple factors: what one has read, what one searches on, what peers are reading or creating and what is relevant based on job role or organization unit.  Eliminate organizational silos and be guaranteed every employee uses the best content.


Business Intelligence  Predictive Analytics


100% Visibility into Contents Usage

No more guessing if your content drives sales or support ROI.  Kaybus provides content and user-level analytics that measures the specific ROI for a piece of content’s usefulness in business tasks. By measuring each user’s interaction with the content and multiple parameters like frequency of use and sharing, the number of comments, etc., Kaybus automatically fine-tunes the recommendations for each user. This ensures the users always view the most relevant and up-to-date content regardless of who created it, or even when or where it was created. 

Anyone in the company who creates content on behalf of the organization will know if their colleagues, clients or partners are reading, using and leveraging the content they authored. The days of creating content and having it sit and never be used are gone, Kaybus informs you in real time.


The Speed of Business

Why Searching Will Never Be Enough

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