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Why Kaybus?

Before founding Kaybus, we looked at content and communication challenges facing businesses and found that employees struggle to find the right information to do their jobs efficiently. Often times, it’s wasn’t that the content needed to do their job didn’t exist, it was simply they couldn’t find it. And this problem has nothing to do with company size or departmental organization, it is a universal gap; employees are stuck fending for themselves and with more content being generated every day, it is impossible to get ahead. That’s why we created Kaybus. To put 100% of an organization’s content to work for every employee.  

Stop Searching and Start Knowing.

Leadership Team

CEO & Board Member
Vice President of Engineering
William Wagner
Vice President of Marketing
Uday Bellary
Chief Financial Officer
Vice President of Product Management & Customer Solutions
Dilip Angal
Vice President of Engineering

Knowledge is the most undervalued and ignored source of competitive advantage in companies today.


Kaybus CEO

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