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Kaybus Sales Enablement for Salesforce

The most effective sales content is delivered to the right person at the right time – every time. 

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Sales Enablement

Expand your sales rep's portfolio and enhance sales skills with intelligent sales recommendations, in-line training and automatic updates from marketing and product teams.

Sales Enablement

Create and improve your sales collateral with 360 feedback loops between sales and marketing. Use only the content that's proven to convert.

sales enablement content management

Speed up the sales cycle by tracking proposal views, what content closes deals and ensure that sales reps use only the right information.

sales enablement content management

Effortlessly close more deals as the most relevant content is brought straight to your sales reps fingertips - right from within Salesforce.

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Kaybus gives your sales teams what they really want, more time closing deals and less time searching for information. Kaybus automatically recommends the most relevant sales and marketing collateral for each opportunity decreasing sales cycles by up to 30%. With Kaybus, Sales Managers have 100% visibility into what content is used at each stage of every deal.



The Solution: Kaybus for Salesforce


Kaybus knows what content is best suited to close your sales opportunities and help your teams surpass targets. Kaybus analyses the opportunities your teams are working on, and intelligently recommends the most effective next steps to close that deal. Now content from any area of the organization, in any format including video, will be automatically promoted to sales reps.



Kaybus Sales Enablement transforms your CRM into a powerful sales machine. Our analytics and asset tracking allow Sales Managers, Product Owners, and Marketing Managers to track the effectiveness of enterprise content ensuring that the right message and the right product collateral are used universally.  For individual sales reps, they never have to question whether what they are using is the most up to date.

Know what content was used at what Account, Opportunity, Lead and if sales reps need help before your weekly forecasting call.


Kaybus generates intelligent recommendations at an account level to help your reps identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities based on what has proved successful across the business. Kaybus Sales Enablement enables marketing and sales leaders to launch specific product campaigns ensuring that every client facing employee has read and understood all marketing or sales collateral updates and can have informed conversations.

Kaybus ensures that every sales rep is 100% aware of and prepared for any changes in the prospects needs or expectations.

Sales Organizations Win with Kaybus

See how one of our customers using Kaybus & Salesforce fundamentally transformed how their sales and marketing content was automatically pushed to their sales reps at the opportunity level, essentially eliminating the need to search.

Sales Enablement and a proven ROI
Enterprise Search and Content Management

The Speed of Business

Why Searching Will Never Be Enough

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