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Platform as a Service

Knowledge Automation: Power Your Apps with Auto-Indexing and Searching

PaaS is the bridge between application development and cloud deployment. With PaaS, developers can focus on their unique code, trusting the platform to automatically and efficiently handle the logistics of deployment and runtime. Freed from even thinking about infrastructure, developers can simply do what they love: solve problems with their choice of code.

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Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) will Rule the Cloud. Oct 2015

The Need for Speed and Expertise

When you want to develop and design new applications today, you have to procure new hardware and software, manage the process, cost, and expertise.  This slows down your ability to react to your market.  The Kaybus Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) OEM model solves your immediate needs while ensuring that your content stays within your corporate firewall.  It's your content, use it on your terms.


Innovate Faster : Quickly transform new ideas into real applications, equipping your applications with agility to meet business and technical requirements. Available for Cloud of Hybrid Cloud (On Premise)


Focus Resources and Save Money : Focus development resources and spend less headcount on unneeded expertise. Let Kaybus power your application while you focus on your core product competency.


Scale Easily, Maximise Uptime, and Stay Up-to-Date : You get the best technology stack the moment you deploy. PaaS scaling leverages the underlying infrastructure's elasticity in an easy-to-use way. Our PaaS tools and experience help you avoid unplanned outages that cause downtime.

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Doing it Right with the Best Support : By using PaaS, you are leveraging technology that has been refined by thousands of users and customers.  PaaS dramatically cuts the risk, cost and complexity of new projects.

  • Box
  • Confluence
  • Dropbox
  • GoogleDrive
  • Office365
  • OneDrive
  • Salesforce
  • JIRA
  • Slack
  • Hipchat
  • Basecamp
  • Sharepoint

Kaybus - Powering Your Applications

Globally Available: With successful deployments in the North America, China and APAC, we work where you work.

Multiple User Authentication Support: Full Support of any User Authentication Methodology (OAUTH2, SAML2, ADFS) so your content is secure. And with full support for multiple authentications, Kaybus can support your simultaneous methods like Salesforce, Google, OKTA or Ping-Identity.  

Highly Scalable Indexing: Our full-text indexing can ingest, process and full-text index TB of content in hours.


Salesforce Sales Enablement

Easy API Integration and Embedment Options

With the Kaybus PaaS and API solution, Kaybus can be embedded into your Portal, Intranet, or other native applications including Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.  Kaybus can be used to index 100% of your corporate content, automatically indexing structured and unstructured content across all your document repositories.

With Salesforce, Kaybus has already embedded our Automatic Indexing, Search and Content recommendations into the Salesforce Traditional or Lightning platform, bringing content to the CRM without the need to search.

Embed Kaybus anywhere in your CRM - Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Tickets, Support, etc.  Our API solution allows you to get the right content to the right users wherever they are automatically and without searching.


Automatic Indexing and Full-Text Search

Our Indexing 
  • Full-Index of structured metadata for over 200+ unique file types
  • Context extraction and knowledge mapping
  • Real-time synchronization of core index
  • Automatic indexing of every subjective metadata update
  • Massive Scale, index Terabytes of content rapidly
  • User supported "#tags" are fully indexed and searchable
  • OCR and Text Extraction for up to 200+ File types
Advanced Search, Filter, and Text Analysis
  • Full-Text search across structured, semi-structured and unstructured content
  • Full Audio and Video Support with transcription generation, index, and search
  • Exact minute transcriptions of audio and video
  • Search term hit-highlighting with automatic 'jump-to' capabilities
Faceted Search and Customized Widget Creation
  • Real-time faceted UI for rapid drill-down 
  • Customizable filter/search based widgets
  • Automatic aggregated counts of content properties and categories
  • Conceptual and content-based searching
  • Dynamic clustering of search results into categories
Predictive Search and Recommendations
  • Boosted search results based on user content usage
  • Automatic content promotions based on user persona and usage.
  • Learning search index evolves with usage for predictive content recommendations
  • Keyword suggestion with spell checker of search terms
Automated Search and Indexing
Universal Data Connectors

The Kaybus Data Connector API allows you to aggregate content from disparate data systems and create a central repository of a full-text index and automatically categorized content. Rather than duplicating calls to each data system, Kaybus automatically synchronizes all content and speeds up content discovery by providing a single search interface. Kaybus solves the problem of employees not finding relevant content by bringing the content to them automatically.



Enterprise Search and Content Management

The Speed of Business

Why Searching Will Never Be Enough

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