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Unlocking The Knowledge Sharing Potential

Kaybus is a platform that will help our clients more quickly and efficiently access the data they need, to make the strategic decisions necessary to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible, ultimately improving their bottom line.


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Knowledge Collaboration: The Lifeline of Professional Management

As a professional, knowledge collaboration is the most important challenge you organization faces. Whether clients are internal constituents, industry peers or external customers, responsiveness to their needs in a timely manner determines their success or failure.  With competition being fierce, how can you stay agile and compete with smaller more nimble companies?  With 90% of professionals working remotely at least once a week and organizations regionally disperse, keeping up with content generated from all areas of business has outpaced employee’s ability to read, interpret and internalize what is or is not important.   Marketers and CMO, Human Resources, Legal Professionals, Consultants, Engineering Teams all face the same challenges.


75% of Company Executives consider “information” to be mission critical and their company's most important asset; recognizing the staggering costs to the enterprise of not using content as a corporate advantage.


Information is locked in silos, whether the form of a subject matter expert or stored on someone's desktop or email, critical information is not accessible to the rest of the company forcing countless hours of duplicated work.  With distributed workforces along with remote workers, information silos represent a risk to the corporate knowledge.


Only 1 in 5 Searches is right the first time.  Document searching, both in and out of the office consumes 5 to 25 minutes for each important document workers need.  This wasted time searching diminishes a professional’s ability to respond to market changes or client requests.


60% of Managers felt that time constraints and a lack of understanding on how to find information were preventing their employees from finding the information they need to manage the business or work with peers in collaborative manners.

How Does Kaybus Solve These Problems?


Content is automatically recommended to every employee based on both an individual user's professional profile and their peer group member profiles. In real time, Kaybus analyzes thousands of textual variables within each document available and based on an employees content usage and viewing history, continually advances the relevancy of our recommendations effectively eliminating the dependency on search. Our ongoing analysis of both content and users ensures that the automatic content recommendations, without searching, reflects only the most useful and relevant content.  There is no other enterprise software that learns and adapts to your behaviors.


Regardless of time zone or office location, Kaybus ensures that all members of a working group are automatically kept aware of new content generated anywhere in the organization or if a potentially useful content is being frequently used. With "Popular With My Peers" and real-time content collaboration, every employee can provide feedback and collaboration 24/7. Additionally, content owners and any colleagues can be made automatically aware of updates, edits, suggestions or comments ensuring that the gap between content creation and content feedback loop is eliminated and most importantly, shared across the enterprise.


With Kaybus’s automatic categorization of content and full-text indexing, every employee can browse all content that is available them in real-time with no searching.  Our categorization visualization puts 100% of the enterprise content in the employees’ hands even if they don't know where to start looking.  Kaybus also allows employees to customize the recommendations to be highly targeted to specific projects, clients or content authors, automatically promoting targeted content to the employees whenever updates or edits are made anywhere within the organization 24/7/365.

Professional Services Organizations Win with Kaybus

See how two of our customers fundamentally transformed how their content was pushed to their employees, essentially eliminating the need to search.


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