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Sales Enablement

The Perfect Complement To Your CRM

Sales Enablement Sales productivity

Kaybus allows our sales team to find the right training, collateral or proposals, spanning organizational silos and freeing up information sharing in our business…it serves real-time, dynamic knowledge to the salesperson from within Salesforce…deliver(ing) knowledge proactively—contextually relevant to the opportunity type and stage in the sales process. It's like someone turned on the light switch


Chief Sales Officer at Salmat

Sales Enablement Knowledge Automation Sales productivity

Sales Challenges Are Greater Than Ever




Faced with lengthened sales cycles, rapidly changing buyers needs, and increased collateral generation, it comes as no surprise that salespeople spend over 31% of their time simply looking for the right content to close a deal.  You don't have a content problem, you have a distribution problem.

Sales Enablement

More than 1/3 of sales representatives and managers don’t believe the published content helps with lead generation.

Sales Enablement

42% of Sales People don’t feel like they have the right information before calling prospects.

sales enablement content management

Less than 2/3 of sales people have the most up to date information about their products.

sales enablement content management

Only 1/3 of Marketers have any visibility into whether the content they provide to sales yields any positive/negative results.

How Does Kaybus Solve These Problems?


Salesforce Sales Enablement Sales productivity


Kaybus automatically recommends and promotes the most relevant and up-to-date sales and marketing collateral to individual sales reps based on the specific sales opportunity being viewed, eliminating the time needed to search and gather information for each proposal.   Kaybus will also uncover product sales opportunities by automatically recommending products based on opportunity profiles.  Now content from any area of the organization, in any format including video, will be automatically promoted to sales reps.


Business Intelligence in Salesforce Sales enablement Sales productivity


Our analytics and asset tracking allow Sales Managers, Product Owners, and Marketing Managers to track the effectiveness of enterprise content ensuring that the right message and the right product collateral are used universally.  For individual sales reps, they never have to question whether what they are using is the most up to date.

Known what content was used at what Account, Opportunity, Lead or Ticket and know if sales reps need help before your weekly forecasting call.

Content Management in Salesforce & Video Content Management Sales Enablement Sales productivity

Kaybus enables marketing and sales leaders to launch specific product campaigns ensuring that every sales rep has read and understood all marketing or sales collateral updates.  The campaigns exist alongside the opportunity specific recommends so sales reps can leverage the updates immediately, lessening the need for extensive organized sales training.  With full transcription, time stamp, and indexing, Video Content Management within Kaybus can be used for in-line training.  Kaybus ensures that every sales rep is 100% aware of and prepared for any changes in the prospects needs or expectations.

Sales Organizations Win with Kaybus

See how one of our customers using Kaybus & Salesforce fundamentally transformed how their sales and marketing content was automatically pushed to their sales reps at the opportunity level, essentially eliminating the need to search.

Sales Enablement and a proven ROI
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Why Searching Will Never Be Enough

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