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Service Effectiveness

A Complete Technical Assistance Center Solution

Kaybus has increased our efficiency and lowered the time it takes to resolve customer issues, …we're getting people off the phone with the right answers quicker…agent productivity increased by 25% and we have saved $2 million in business expenses.


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Technical Assistance Centers Are Not Just About Problem Solving

Today’s technical assistance centers, in addition to meeting all their departmental goals, are now assisting marketing and sales organizations through customer retention and increased revenue goals. Tasked with gathering deep insights on customer’s needs, they are asked to build, enhance and extend an organization's relationship with their customers.


40-50% of the Average Handle Time is time spent searching for documented procedures or solutions to known problems. These hold time or multi-touch workflows put customer satisfaction at risk as well as the overall customer relationship.


26% of call centers replace their front-line agents annually with part-time being upwards of 35% annually.   With an average of 8 weeks for ramp-up,  onboard training and consistency among agents is a constant challenge.


Service Agents are required to know not just their brand, product, and language of the company, with product life cycles moving faster than ever, agents struggle to stay on top of up-to-date policies, product info and best resolution options.


Call center managers are responsible for providing reports on outbound sales performance and content usage, financial operational costs, product feedback. Getting accurate and consistent reporting can pose tremendous challenges to call center managers.

How Does Kaybus Solve These Problems?


The Kaybus Knowledge system automatically matches and delivers solutions from your knowledge base to the appropriate support agent before an agent picks up the call.  Automatic content recommendations ensure agents are up-to-date on the latest product information and reduce the time needed to look solutions up, driving down "On Hold" or "After Call" work time.  Field Service Reps automatically receive daily schedule product solution tickets and service manuals in advance of visits based on the customer, product solutions, and similar site visit resolution by other reps.


Solutions shared automatically with service center colleagues eliminate the need for agents to search for known answers.  Agents rate and comment on solution recommendations providing every call center agent with the benefits of the organization's collective knowledge and eliminating subject matter expert knowledge isolation. The Kaybus Analytics provide Call Center Managers real-time KPIs on every issue and the corresponding solution content ensuring 100% consistency in responses to customers.  All content is tracked by user, time/date, agent profile and location so managers can determine what each agent is looking for, what issues and make real-time adjustments to staffing or solution sets.


Kaybus enables Product Management, Marketing or Support Managers to be able to launch specific targeted content Campaigns to deliver time critical training or updates without using email or taking agents off the phone.  Campaigns are presented only when active and are front and center to the agents screen giving one-click access to the updates. Knowledge Campaigns can target product specialists or an entire service center, giving 100% visibility to managers that each agent has read each piece of targeted content and the confidence that all service agents are armed and prepared to address the needs of customers.

Customer Service Organizations Win with Kaybus

See how two of our customers fundamentally transformed how their content was pushed to their employees, essentially eliminating the need to search.


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Why Searching Will Never Be Enough

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